Kirkland Products

Innovative Devices Since 1975

Welcome to Kirkland Products

Kirkland Products is located in Portland, Oregon and was established in 1975 by W. Dean Kirkland, PhD for the purpose of manufacturing Kirkland Jewelry Ring Clamp/Holders and External Ring Clamps. They were designed primarily for the jewelry industry and are marketed worldwide. Other products, inspired as a result of employment in the pharmaceutical industry, were added to the line over the years.

Solo-Cap™ Needle Recappers

Solo-Cap™ Needle Recappers or Needle Recapping Devices are the latest addition to the Kirkland Products line. They were designed because of a specific need suggested by Bill Kirkland, DDS, who also helped in the design and testing while in dental school. They allow one to safely unsheathe, hold the needle cover, and recap hypodermic needles single-handedly. This procedure is required by an OSHA ruling in order to minimize needle-stick injuries.

Produced in the USA

This company is proud that all of its products are designed, machined, molded, and assembled in the USA.

The owner holds patents on several Kirkland Products plus many other patents relating to the pharmaceutical and chemistry industries.